Bamboo Fusion

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Bamboo Fusion

Bamboo-Fusion® was created by Nathalie Cecilia “Hall Of Fame” inductee (World Massage Festival 2009) and Teacher of the Year, 2013. Natalie was born in Nimes, South France and has a Masters Degree in Philosophy and Languages from the Universitee Des Lettres De Montpellier. She began using the bamboo sticks for tools as a way to lessen fatigue in her hands and wrists as a result of performing Deep Tissue massage and discovered that not only did her pain subside, but her clients also loved it!

Bamboo-Fusion is a 60-minute full-body massage treatment using oil and heated bamboo sticks that aids in softening muscle tissue, allowing your therapist to perform unique strokes and techniques to relieve tight and aching muscles.

The use of bamboo sticks as tools allows for deeper and more even pressure than the hands alone provide in a traditional deep tissue massage, making it the ideal treatment for clients who love deeper pressure. It is equally effective as a soothing full body Swedish massage. This detoxifying treatment helps to increase healthy blood circulation and leaves you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

At massage ESCAPES, we also offer Bamboo-Fusion as an add-on treatment to any regular 30, 60 or 90-minute therapeutic massage that targets just the neck, shoulders and back areas.