Benefits Of Massage

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The Benefits of Massage

Relaxation: Nothing is more relaxing than a massage in a peaceful environment. Let us help you ‘escape’ the rigors of every day life, if only just for an hour at time.

Stress Relief: Stress is the root cause of many of life’s maladies – untreated, stress can manifest itself in many ways. Massage has been medically proven to reduce stress and help focus one on positive emotions.

Pain Relief: Sore muscles, strains, aches and pains are effectively treated with massage – in fact, massage is more effective and less costly than most medical treatments.

Cleanses Toxins: The act of deeply manipulating muscle and soft tissues helps rid the body of lactic acid and other toxins that make muscles sore and inefficient. Many people report an instant energy boost after a massage as these toxins are purged from their muscles.

Promotes Healing: Our bodies are amazing healing tools – massage helps initiate the mind-body systems that promote healing and well being. Massage on a regular basis has been shown to improve overall wellness.

Faster Recovery: Athletes and active people know the best way to faster recovery and less muscle pain is massage. In addition to relieving the pain of sore muscles, massage helps remove the by-products of intense exercise.